Bushwalk caravan warranty benefits and conditions

We at Bushwalk Caravans would like to thank you for your purchase of our product. We endeavour to make your future holidays with us a happy and trouble free experience. Most of the time we do not hear from our customers as they are too busy enjoying themselves. For peace of mind we would like to outline below the warranty available to yourselves and the methods which you should follow in the event of any unexpected faults that occur.
We warrant the original purchaser a 24 month structural warranty on the building and assembly of the caravan. The warranty is not transferrable upon sale of the caravan and the caravan is not intended to be lent, hired out or used in any endeavour not considered to be of recreational use as designed. The caravan is to be serviced shortly after collection from the dealership. We recommend this happen after 1-2000 kilometres for safety reasons and that tyres and brakes be checked. Usually any minor issues can be dealt with at that time. The van should be serviced annually for your safety.
The dealership should register the warranty with the factory on the day you collect the caravan. You need to feel adequately informed by the dealership as to how to operate the various components and the caravans safe operation behind a correctly connected and sufficiently rated tow vehicle. The caravan is not to be towed by a truck without a specialized hitch.
Components and complete items purchased by Bushwalk have their own dedicated warranties. On occasions our contractors, such as electrical and plumbing works are performed by licenced professionals and they carry out the warranty work themselves. This is the best situation for our customers as the country is very large and the major suppliers have their own Australia wide repairers and agents/outlets. They are also in a better position to approve any warranty claims quickly. It is IMPORTANT to know that repairers are not representatives for anyone liable for warranty and cannot approve the claim for you and commence work. They may contact and quote the relevant supplier of the faulty item for approval.
We also reserve the right to refuse warranty where, in the judgement of Bushwalk , we deem the caravan to have been subject to misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, alteration, lack of servicing or has been subjected to conditions beyond our control such as weather events and illegal activities. Wear and tear from normal usage is not warrantable.

List of helpful contacts when needing help under this warranty

Always have your proof of purchase details (We recommend taking a copy of your contract of purchase and leaving this permanently in the caravan) and location ready. The best description of the fault that you can decide upon. Have the model number of the component. Make sure you are reachable so leave or give phone and email or backup phone.
Silvershine chassis builders – info@silvershinechassis.com.au 0456 244 639
Swift appliances – www.swiftappliancegroup.com.au
Plenty River Plumbing – info@plentyriverplumbing.com.au (03) 9357 5809
Nav Electrical installations – navautoelec@gmail.com
Dometic & Air Command Australia – www.dometic.com/en-au/au/support
Coast to Coast RV – www.coastrv.com.au

Recommended pre-departure checks

Although common sense solves everything , we are all only too human sometimes. Many old time caravanners will have made a ‘pre-flight’ list of all the mundane steps required. This list cannot be all inclusive

Refrigeration. Prior to leaving run the fridge, with the caravan level, on 240volt overnight with some water in the ice cube tray and check for ice when packing. Switch the fridge if not automatic to 12volt for travelling and then switch the fridge over to gas operation inside the camping ground.

Hitching up for travel. Confirm the stabilizer legs have been retracted for ground clearnce. Double check electrical connections and make sure chains are attached safely to the vehicle. Connect the break away cable to the vehicle chassis. Double check all hatches, windows and the latching of the awning. Make sure all goods inside will stay where they are stored and confirm locking the entry door. Star vehicle and sight the caravan trailer lights are operational. Use the weight distribution hitch correctly when required

Wheels. Check wheels nuts for tightness and ensure the tyres are neither over inflated or under inflated.

Towing. Readjust brake controller if necessary and listen for operation and test for effectiveness.

Bushwalk thanks you again for purchase- have fun !